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Welcome to the World of Japan Math A New Level of Math Fluency

Math Fact Fluency- excellence in math requires math fact fluency.  Students of mathematics need to know their basic math facts with no hesitation and with super speed.

The Japanese Abacus  (Soroban)- The Soroban, an essential element of Japan Math, is a revision of the Chinese Abacus and allows advanced computation with unparalleled accuracy. Students of the Soroban have an academic edge in daily and competitive math tasks.

Music and the Arts- The Japan Math program incorporates elements of both Art and Music to enrich the learning of Math Facts, Symmetry and more.

Logic- Japan Math uses problem solving by using time tested puzzles, strategies and math-based games that originated in Japan.


Japan Math is an ancient, turned modern, approach to mastering mathematics.

Japan Math is an integrated method that is both teacher tested, Common Core aligned, and theory based.

Japan Math is taking the Math World by storm. It is used in over 35 countries.